La vie est Beau! Matt’s Trip to Beau’s Brewery

Beau’s Brewery is a hopscotch and throw away from Montreal, my home, and Ottawa, our Nation’s Capital. Just a quick 1 hour drive from either, you’ll be glad you stopped by.

On my way to Ottawa the other day there was a detour that I could not resist: Beau’s brewery. After seeing their product in the LCBO and receiving a Matt’s sleepy time beer from my dad for my birthday it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit a place that makes some great beers.

History of Beau’s

Once upon a time there was a flourishing textile factory in Vankleek Hill. One day the business was not doing so well and they were about to close up shop. Just then they decided to convert it to a brewery and since, they have been booming.

Family owned and run, Beau’s is as homely as visiting a friend that owns a farm in a local small town. It’s a relatively new brewery thats started 8 years ago with its Lagered Ale call Lug and Thread. The master brewer is named Matt O’Hara, and he with the Beauchesne family and friends are banging out some really great beers.

I’d like to see your facilities

The brewery was very humble from the outside. I wasn’t sure we had found it until I saw the gigantic sign covering the front wall the says “Beaus all natural brewing company”. Once inside we were greeted by a few very pleasant characters. The first thing we were asked was “would you like to take a tour of the facilities?”, and I responded cordially with a “yes, yes of course!”. What a nice tour! We smelled the hops and malts, then wore protective eye gear and walked around the facility. We got to see everything but the beer aging in oak barrels which where situated in a secret back room.


Try them 1 try them all!

After the tour ended we were led back to the tasting station. Now, many breweries have contradictory policies on tasting. Sometimes you pay and other times you don’t. So when they asked me what I would like to try I hesitated for a moment thinking I would only get to try 2-3 different beers. I asked “how much?” and the answer was “the samples are free!”. What a delightful feeling to be told that the samples were free. So I tried them all…

I had a chance to try 10 beers! Which breaks my 4 taste maximum rule but, low and behold, I could not help myself. My favourite on tap was Matt’s sleepy time so I ordered a pint (which was only $5).

Nick guided us through the beers explaining their flavours and when quizzed on their IBUs, he quickly pulled out his beer bible that had a full explanation of each beer. He had a good sense of humour and even allowed us to try his own bottle of Mission accomplished, which was a delicious out-of-production IPA that has been voted into their holiday season 4 taster. We also got to taste the Imp ale which was incredible but could only be purchased with a $300 membership that included 30 bottles. I really just wanted to buy 1 or 2 bottles of it but could not, this was the only not so amazing facet of the tour.

The 10 beer lineup changes on a regular basis so you can be assured that I will be stoping in again to try the new additions.

Where can I get some of this beer?

Any LCBO but not in the SAQ, according to the website it should be in Quebec within a year.

In conclusion

I will be going back again and again. It was a great experience that I recommend to anyone that likes beer and wants to try some great microbrew on tap. The staff was friendly and down to earth and they even let us pet the resident cat! Luckily Yasmin was there to be my beer buddy, which allowed me to try so many of their beers and get home safely.


For more info on the brewery here is the link:

Cheers et À votre santé,


Update: Beau’s is coming to Québec!