La Buteuse Extra Strong Divine Ale

This week I tasted La Buteuse from Le Trou du Diable. What a smashing beer! This beer, like many other Quebec tripel style beers, have a cataclysmic story attached to it. They say that if you drink this beer you may have a vision of Père Buteux. This microbrew located in Shawinigan has a strong character and the beer that I picked up this week certainly lived up to it! DSC_0076

What originally attracted me to this beer was its bottle and the description on it. Nothing like a creepy priest meets devil story to make you want to try a beer! This is a an extra strong divine ale brewed in the Belgian Tripel style with an ABV of 10%. This style ale is typically very high in alcohol and tends to be very full bodied and crisp. One of the great things about living in Quebec is that you can find great tripel-inspired local beers and Trou du Diable really follows through with this Extra strong Divine Ale.

It filled my tulip glass with deep amber apricot almost copper colour and created two and a half fingers of off white head. A few small patches and trails of carbonation were visible through its slightly opaque clarity. Once settled it had very little head. The colour was more coppery than your typical tripel suggesting that it may be a little more hoppy. buteuse in tulip glass

It smelled of fruits, mild spices and herbs, apricot, ale malt and citrus hops. As it opened up the fruity aromas became pronounced. The look and smell of this beer is very enticing for those who enjoy Trappist beers. The first sip was amazing! It was crisp, a little harsh and heavy bodied but it felt nice and velvety around the tongue. Just the right ting of carbonation for a tripel. As it opened and warmed up it became smoother while maintaining its carbonation til the end. It was one very balanced beer that maintained its character til the very last sip.

As the beer touched my tongue I was brought into a delicious landscape of citrus, ale malt, spiced and a little kick of bitter at the end. Although the alcohol level was very high it was masked by the mildly sweet savoury flavours. Drinking this beer I could picture myself sitting on a bank of le Trou du Diable being tempted to let myself slide slowly into its pull.

Overall this beer was amazing for both its balanced palate and depth of flavour! The hardest part of doing this review was stopping and appreciating why it was soooo good. I just wanted to drink it down as soon as possible (which for a tripel is not that easy). This was a 600 ml bottle priced just under 10$. This is now one of my favourites and I will be recommending it for years to come and most definitely drinking again! Overall I rate this beer a 4.5 out of 5.

Cheers and À votre santé,


PS. Here is the link to the story, it is very creepy…

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